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The Unofficial SRW Unification Character Tropes Page!

It's time for: Someone Else Actually Makes A 4koma Post For Once - Derp Edition.

Today, it's to address our lack of a TVTropes page for SRW: Unification.

To explain this to our newer players, the previous game (Unlimited Generations Alpha) had a TVTropes page dedicated to the game in general, in addition to a list of Awesome and Funny moments, and a Characters page for Original Characters that were in the game. The mods have decided not to continue this with SRW:U because of some legitimate concerns with how the website operates, such as anyone being free to delete the entries.

Anyway! This post doesn't address the first three categories, but only the Characters section.

And as with UG@, this post is mainly for OCs, and semi-OCs - the latter in cases like Leos, who, in his original canon, is depicted as a faceless, voiceless player character. Established, canon characters are assumed to follow their original tropes, so there isn't much of a point in listing them.

So, which tropes describe your character best and why do you think so? Feel free to add as many as you'd like, but mind your spoilers (if you don't want them revealed) and please, try not to annoy others with YMMV stuff and usage of 'And how!'.

Have fun!

(By the way, this was posted with the Nep journal because I was a derp and didn't join the 4koma community with Seta's, hence the title.)

Small edit: Yes, I'm aware that traditionally, others are supposed to add tropes for your character - this is still an option, especially if you're trope-blind to them. But to make sure everyone is happy, that will not be a necessity.

In other words, you can make a comment to your own character's initial tag with your own list if you'd prefer that. If you don't know or missed something, others can do that for you. Hope that helps.

Oh, each person contributing to a character's list should also edit their tag instead of adding a fresh new tag if they missed anything. This keeps things clean.

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