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What Color are you? Magic the Gathering Edition

A simple question-if your character was a Magic The Gathering card, what sort of color would they be? What kinds of abilities might they have?

For people not super-familiar with the game, here's an explanation.

No color, Colorless-These cards have no particular association with any color. It's the realm of robots, tools, and hockeypucks. The pacifistic golem Karn is an example of a colorless protagonist, while the evil mastermind Mnemarch is a colorless antagonist.

White-The color of loyalty, honor, and discipline, but also of tyranny and oppression. The color of collectivism and order, white is home to the most disciplined soldiers, strong healing/damage prevention abilities, and various forms of soft control. Famous white creature types include Human Soldiers and Angels. White is not necessarily good, or nice! While there are many white heroes, it's also home to the mad dictator Takeshi Konda.

Blue-The color of wizards doing wizardy things, more or less. Blue is about intelligence, knowledge and out thinking your opponent, with some of the worst creatures of the game, but spells that mess with your opponent's ability to play the game. Famous blue creature types are Merfolk, Moonfolk, and Wizards, though Blue's really known for its draw-inducing cards and its counterspells. Teferi the time wizard is an example of a blue protagonist, while whoever made this thing is an example of a blue antagonist.

Black-The color of selfishness and ambition, black's-okay, let's face it, they're usually the bad guys. Black is all about power at a price, and offers very strong effects at the cost of something dear to you (life, cards, creatures). It has good discard spells and debuff abilities, and is home to Demons, Zombies, and your crazy Uncle Istvan. There are too many black bad guys to count, but they also have heroic bandit Toshiro Umezawa and Romance of the Three Kingdom's Cao Cao on their side.

Red-The color of passion and rage, Red is maybe not so good at this whole "thinking" thing, but is very good at going fast and punching hard. It is a color of wild, unbridled emotion and "charge in first, think second". Red's signature ability lets its creatures attack the turn they are summoned, and it prefers to play a very fast game attacking while the other side is still warming up. Classic red creatures are goblins, dragons, and barbarians.

Green-The color of instinct, nature, and growth. Survival of the fittest and harmony with nature are Green themes. Green is the best color at "getting huge", and has some good healing abilities as well. Green boasts the best "mana acceleration" of the colors-it is the best at getting big cards out fast. Famous Green creature types are Elves and Bears, though it's also home to the largest monsters. Green protagonists include, well, elves, while green antagonists would include godzilla-scale kaiju.

There are additionally two-color and three-color combinations, which can get a little bit complicated, and the extremely rare four-color cards. Five-color cards are also rare, but have a theme more or less of "winning".

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