clumsy_moe_appeal: (WEEEEEEEEEEESTOOOH!)
Doctor West ([personal profile] clumsy_moe_appeal) wrote in [community profile] srwug_4komas2015-03-10 10:42 pm

Unity Group Relationship Betting Pool - Peola Nelfess

Essentially a thing I plan on doing as a post for Peola soon is a betting pool on any potential relationship she may have in the future that may or may not have been started by her co-workers in UG Security before spiralling out into a betting pool that people in other divisions have gotten in on.

That isn't to say she isn't the only person with a betting pool for that sort of thing though. (Admittedly it would be very rude of me to start one for a character who doesn't belong to me, so I'll leave that to others.]

In any case this is essentially a permissions post as well as a place for you to toss a suggestion for characters to include in this as well as their odds.

And as for why I'm using West's account for this... I just felt like it okay?

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