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Hibiki Tachibana ([personal profile] spearpunch) wrote in [community profile] srwug_4komas2015-03-09 12:05 am

Hunger Games, SRW Uni edition!

The Hunger Games simulator thing on /m/ amused me, so I decided to give it a whirl with the OCs from the game.  24 people, but we were short on male OCs so Loni and Desta were brought on.

So may the odds be ever in their favor!

OCs were arranged chronologically, starting from the first ones apped to the last.

Njall's portrait was never more appropriate.  Also jeez, Seta.

Volya's never been more OOC, Suma's never been less OOC, and Willis would totally have that grin on his face after doing that.

Loni and Willis OTP.  Walt and Theo are also OTP.  The Savior Team's also completely gone now (onore), along with their honorary member.

Calvin is one cold motherfucker.

Lot of stalking going on Day 3 but not much else, other than kitty bombs.  I  imagine that Walt and Theo died in each others' arms.

Five people left.

Make that four now.  Compute program girl knows how to cut you good.

I didn't take pictures of all of the status screens, but since we're at the "semifinals" it thought it was a decent enough time.  Liz is in the lead; it helps when you're a computer program that transcends the material world.

Humans vs. cat.

Loni has killed a cat.  The bastard.

And it's all decided night 7, when...

BAM!  Turns out this was all just a fanfic that Loni wrote on some toilet paper in his cell!  Y'all can't stop his Super Robot spirit!

Liz is still the biggest murderer out of any of us though.  Go figure.

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