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Catherine Butler ([personal profile] kinaesthete) wrote in [community profile] srwug_4komas2014-05-16 11:50 pm

The Getting To Know You Meme

So - since some characters in the game have history together, and others have ties through various organizations and shared interests, how about a meme for establishing how our characters know each other? Post below and identify how your character might be known, and others can reply and suggest how their characters fit yours!

Remember, there's being well-known, and there's knowing someone well! Maybe your character is famous somehow, but their public image doesn't necessarily reflect their real personality. Other characters may think they know a lot about yours, but that knowledge may not be reliable!

1: First glance - if someone meets your character for the first time, without a special introduction, what impression do you make? What age does your character appear to be - a whippersnapper, or an old fart? Are you a disciplined soldier or a maverick loose cannon? Are there places others are more likely to run in to your character, or to associate them with? Is your face or name perhaps well-known, so that people will have heard of you before they meet you? Think of this as a general-purpose reference for people who may be tagging you for the first time!

2: (It's like) We've met - your characters may not be close, but you've had enough contact with each other or run in the same circles enough to have a lot of common points of reference. What connections does your character have in the world that may tie them to others in the game? Factional affiliations, organizational loyalties, notable achievements? Have you been on the news or featured in intelligence reports?

3: We've got history - your characters have had dealings in the past, probably significant ones. What kind of events in your life might other PCs have played an important part in? Are you from the same hometown? Did you fight in the same war? Did one of you take a bullet for the other? Kill the other's boyfriend? Do you both have the same archenemy?

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