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SRWU Slasher

Let's pretend this is halloween, since I can't wait for another two months, and most likely by that time I'd have forgotten about this anyway.

If SRWU characters gathers in one mysterious mansion, what's the sequence of death? Who would die first, and who's the final survivor? And who's the mysterious killer? What's everyone's doing before their death anyway? What's their role?

For example, Eva is too obvious to be the killer. People would think that she's the murderer, until she surprisingly die at the middle of the story.

Except... if it's actually her after all, and she's just pretending. What a tweest!

Anyway, give your thought.
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Mizuki would totally be one of those dark, foreboding characters taking an active role in the investigation but with a strong possibility she's the killer... made worse by her own Problems that as they come out seem to indicate her to be the one.

Albhard would be the police guy who's called in and arrives quickly, only to get killed just as fast. Selena would be his partner and would take his death quite badly. Elma would be their dog. Dogs always die in these kinds of movies so yeah.
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Walt is definitely going to somehow survive right until the end, declaring everyone's doom right up until that point.
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Well, Alhabard's our black guy, so Jen only dies second.
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If it was she'd have murdered everyone with moe.

Also Calvin would probably be the guy who digs too deep with the info and dies. Or he inexplicably survives somehow.