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Muncest CR

This post is less dirty than it sounds.

We know what kind of relationship characters between various players have, since they interact. But characters that belong to one player are never seen tagging each other (for obvious reasons), so there is no way for us to know how they feel about each other.

This is what the meme is for. What is your characters' offscreen relationship? Do they even know each other that well? Share the secrets, my preciousss.
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And I'll start:

Izuru sees Setsuko as this (slightly) older girl who is often sad and distant. His teammates actually talk to her a lot but he doesn't - mostly because he doesn't know how to approach her.
He sees Ren as someone who is a little bit strange (look who's talking!) but ultimately a good and noble person at heart. Also one who expressed genuine interest in his drawings, which is a plus.

Setsuko sees Izuru as the loud kinda-leader (that no one listens to) of Team Rabbits, but doesn't really interact too much with him. No common ground. She thinks he's a good kid and maybe would like him if she got to know him, but she does not.
Ren is overbearing and nosy, but also very supportive. Setsuko really appreciates and needs the latter, but she wishes the horned person would really give her more privacy.

Ren admires Izuru's idealism and enthusiasm but is also concerned that a time will come when they will be tested. In short they want to protect that smile.
For Setsuko, Ren was a shoulder to cry on for more than one occassion. Ren thinks what happened to Setsuko is a great injustice and wants to help her however they can.
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Both of my character think largely the same thing of each other, but in different directions.

Namely, that the other is a total dumb who misses the point of everything, but admittedly good enough in a scrap.
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About Archie: Cats are annoying

About Kakizaki: Overly boisterous people are annoying

About Dorothy: Sarcastic robots are annoying.
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Tsubasa: Has doubts about Shu (like most people), thinks Chika is annoying and doesn't know much about Seta beyond the Kijin stuff. Before Kanade's death, she and Seta shared some similarities personality-wise, and they probably had one attempted conversation (while waiting in a queue or something) that just ended in awkward silence.

Shu: Doesn't think much about the other two beyond them being allies. This is why he doesn't end up conversing with them - he's got a lot on his mind anyway.

Seta: Intimidated by both Shu and Tsubasa; the former for well...being Shu, and the latter for her status as an idol, even when she was timid. On the other hand, she regularly talked with Chika offscreen (before returning to the Gloster Foundation), and actually loves Zwei Wing and Tsubasa's songs.
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Volya: Leos is cheerful and annoying. Also scary for some reason. Raleigh being a Jaeger pilot earned some curiousity and fascination but being russian this mostly leads to questions about the Kaidanovskys. With Optimus Prime... how do you think any thirteen year old would see him?

Peola's made of huge. He sees her as a sort of authority figure as she's security but otherwise doesn't know much. Skald talks like the knights and is to be avoided no matter how fluffy he is.