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Gunpla Generator

Gah, I'm obsessed with the generator now.

I made some more things.

Gunpla generator, and

Gunpla Tournament generator!

Here's a generated gunpla

The gunpla is named Lightning Zeong K9. It is super deformed and transformable. It's mostly white and blue. It has cool head and weird in its simplicity. It's made for melee fights, using mainly its stealthiness. It has a number of disposable funnel.

and here's the tournament!

In the quarter final you fight the tryhard obsessed teen who uses a very customized Gyan Cannon. You almost didn't win. In the semi final you fight the cute cool kid who uses a very colorful Sazabi Sniper. After a interesting battle you ridiculously win. You only managed to win because of your spirit. And at last, you fight your esteemed enemy at the final, the simple minded annoying adult. She uses a not very well built Gerbera Tetra Imagine. You take a deep breath and remember, luck and your training are the only thing that can help you now. The fight is funny and long but at the end it sadly end in a draw for you