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Mecha Story Generator

Hey guys, look at what I made.

Let's see what my next OC is about.

Project Escabeth . You are a heroic soldier living diligently in a gritty desert kingdom. You are a drifter. Your place is sometimes attacked by criminals. You always openly protect your place with your mecha. It is mass produced organic humongous mecha. It's very durable but slowly turns you insane. It fights mostly in space. Your mecha comes from the resistance. You travel all over the world, because you want to destroy the enemy. In your adventures, you meet your best friend, and you also meet your friendly enemy, the Gold Knight. You have a lot of silly adventures alone. It ends when a bunch of annoying kids wonder why you keep on fighting. You move on, and finally fight your rival for the last time. You sadly kill your rival. At the end you find out that the sunset is really beautiful. Still, finally you arrive at the mindscrewy final battle. You fight against a single gigantic enemy. You gloriously win. At last you achieve your goal and you live happily ever after..
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That doesn't remind me of anything. At all.