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Hey guys! Remember this?

I sure do!

Optimus Prime is 50% Waifu Material.
Leos Klein is 3% Waifu Material.
Raleigh Beckett is Not Waifu material.
Volya Alkaev is 10000000% Waifu Material.
Interitus is 10000000% Waifu Material.
Skald Skogkattson is 6% Waifu Material.
Peola Nelfess is 6% Waifu Material.
Calvin Eldred Edwards is 100% Waifu Material.

And also....
Lilica is You are already a Waifu.
Ourania Nelfess is 1% Waifu Material.
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Hitachi Izuru is The best Waifu ever.

Damn straight.
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R Dorothy Wayneright is 50% Waifu Material.

The other 50% is snark
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Just dropping in

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Ryuusei Date is You are already a Waifu..

So there!
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Seta Albreich is 25% Waifu Material.

This is actually true. She'd make a horrible waifu.
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Hetepheres is 10000000% Waifu Material.
Technically she was one already - and look how it ended.

Toshikazu Asagi is 6% Waifu Material.
Once again the dead last Bunny.

Roger Smith is 75% Waifu Material.
More than Dorothy!