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Guess who gets to be in a new fighting game!


She'll be going up against a book-loli, a robot spider, an eldritch horror loli, a vampire-hunter loli, popular moscot character Super Sonico, a kung-fu loli, and Fate/Zero's Saber*, from Fate/Zero. Support characters include an angel with a gun, a girl with a gun, a witch with a broom, a papa-con book-loli, a yandere with a bat, some random lady from Hello World, and a necromancer loli with a sword. Also, a D.R.A.G.O.N.**


So, in the event that they got a fighting game adaptation-how would your characters handle? What sort of playstyle would they favor, and what would be their super moves?

*as seen in Fate/Zero
**This post does not support the D.R.A.G.O.N agenda. Kill 'em all, for the glory of the light of Mana!

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If we go by on-foot, the only people I'd have that can participate are Mizuki and Selena. Flit's all for massacring Vagans in a mobile suit but out of one he's lacking in feats. Ana's also just a regular person just with cybernetic arms that aren't Bionic Commando-grade.

Mizuki would definitely be a rushdown-type, though with some attacks with great range. No proper projectiles, but I could see her using the Abyss Sanction a-la Zangief's Banishing Flat or whatever it was called. Supers would be full-blown Jin Saotome though, with her summoning the DuskBird.

Selena on the other hand would likely make use of traps and guns, plus Elma's flashbang for interface screw. Closer in line with Rocket Racoon, I suppose.
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I'd like to see dorothy as a fighting game character.

I know nothing about fighting game terminology, but I imagine dorothy would be a simple and straightforward type of character, with... I dunno how to explain it. Something like iaijutsu style of fighting, but with punches. I mean, she'll walk around with blank expression and no stance, then pull out a single super-fast punch. Things like that.
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I think that would be considered a "zoner" character. Like Charlotte from Samurai Shodown.

Her special move could be just staring disapprovingly at someone and calling them an insult!
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Seta: See UMvC3 Vergil. Only with an extra gun attack and summoning her Craft's fists or feet a'la Bayonetta.

Tsubasa is more like Ky Kiske or Jin Kisaragi, minus the elements, mixed with a slower, but heavy hitting style like Hakumen's or a faster dual wield style when she switches her sword's form. Special attacks are her named attacks from the series.

Shu isn't much of an on foot fighter, more an illusionist and a wizard specializing in tricks and restricting movement. So he gets no moveset.