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The SRW Hallomeeme

A few days late for this, but hopefully still worth it.

The name of the game: what would your characters dress as for Halloween?   Would it be something silly?  Reference stuff from UG1 or UG@?  Something strangely appropriate?  Or would you entirely sit out on it?
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Izuru would love to dress up as a Kamen Rider - but his budget allows him to go only as the hero who never gives up, Samurai! Flamenco!

Setsuko is not the type to enjoy Halloween too much, she has enough scary stuff in real life already. She'd be dressed up as something generic like a witch or something.

Ren would be the Devil. Not a sexy devil, just an old cheesy costume with a red bodysuit, a pitchfork and an obviously fake moustache and goatee drawn with marker.

Chris would dress up as Neo or John Preston. Appropriate clothes are optional. Guns are mandatory.
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Asagi would claim he's too old for such foolishness, which of course means that after some encouragement from his team he'd end up with something super embarassing, like a full body Moogle/Bonta-kun/Beargguy (pick one) costume.

Hetepheres would show her love for Earth culture by going with some kind of overkill, like a 100% historically accurate Queen Elizabeth II dress.

Roger would go as James Bond. Or maybe Batman.
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It's a late Halloween!

This means that Seta spends her time under a cardboard box, hiding from all the spooky costume wearers.
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Volya doesn't get much with Halloween due to RUSSIA. He'd probably go with a costume any of his friends suggest though and get dragged into all sorts of holiday shenanigans.

Interitus not really understanding Halloween will try to 'dress up' as Ren. That being having some paint tossed at it with a photo of Ren taped to her head.

Optimus Prime would dress up as a human historical figure like Hetepheres, only in his case its a figure who is an advocate of peace or goodwill.

Skald would be dressed as a viking. Nothing else would suffice.

Peola would dress up as a knight, possibly keep a helmet on.

Leos would be dressed as the grim reaper.

Raleigh would probably cheat and go as a Jaeger Pilot. He already has the uniform/costume.

Calvin would dress up as Simon Belmont.
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Ken would go full on ninja, of course. Because why not.

Ataru meanwhile would probably go as Doom guy. Space marine who carries ALL the guns, what else?
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Kagura grumps out of Halloween, saying she has no time for all this stupid stuff and she has work to do. Her men, after some brainstorming, dress as spectres and take advantage of the fact they can fly for real to scare the everloving SHIT out of people. Then they get disciplined and spend the next two weeks peeling potatoes. Still worth it.

Ashe goes in as a wild west sheriff. Not any of those sexy cowgirl nonsenses, a legit wild west sheriff with the boots and the leather and the hat. Model A gets painted as a rather big badge, to much unamusement.
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Yuuya might jokingly go as Captain America or as something traditional, but he'd probably wind up going as a Samurai with the rest of the flight messing with him.

VG would be something crazy like Cassanova or Cyrano De Bergiac.

Tarisa would probably rage at VG all night for changing out her costume for a hobbit outfit.

Stella would go for a sexy witch or femme fatale.

Yui would get roped into going at the traditional Yamato Nadeshiko by VG, Tarisa and Stella just to enhance the joke against Yuuya.

Lamia would be thoroughly confused and miss the holiday by sheer lack of knowledge. She'd either say she was a mecha pilot or that she forgot the holiday.
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80s Businesswoman. Poofy hair, high collar, shoulder-padded suit and all.

Dido's idea of making fun of her mom.