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SRWU Highschool for Delinquents

SRWU in the vein of Cromartie High School.

Also an interesting question was brought up in regards to this.

Characters or Players?

Answer? Yes.

(Also I'm using West's account for this because this expression suits this best.)

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I'm in despair! The thought of being a teacher for a messed up class of high school students has left me in despair!
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Setsuko is a minor but frequently recurring character who suffers annoyances and misfortunes as an, often indirect, result of actions of Asakim - a local troublemaker who is also often an antagonist. Look out for background events to see more suffering.

Chris is a badass (if tiny) delinquent who always acts on herself and tries to fight other delinquents because they're delinquents - without noticing the irony of that statement. She is most definitely not adorable and tsundere, you idiot. Wait, what do you mean she's not in the game?

Ren... well, there already is a manga about a student who is considered a bad seed because of his devil-like features even though he is actually kind hearted, right? Amplify that with literal devil-like features and add some "which gender is this person again?" gags and you have Ren.

Hmm, I have a feeling I forgot someone.
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Mizuki is some kind of weird parody of Chiyo-chan, in that she's transferring to high school because she's 10 years old, but... yeah. Her wardrobe and aversion to sunlight and numerous food allergies lead people to wondering if she's a vampire and thus goth clubs are always asking her to join.

Flit is in charge of the school's "Martian Extermination Club" and has crazy crackpot theories blaming aliens for abducting his mother and other missing persons. The truth is simultaneously more mundane and more disturbing. Asemu and Kio are his cousins, the former feeling upstaged by his younger cousin's greater knowledge and skillset and the latter trying to convince Flit at every turn that he needs to be more understanding of others.

Selena and Albhard are janitors hired from Jelba Staffing with an uncanny ability to disguise themselves, and Elma's their mobile, sentient trash can. They butt heads a lot with rival job firm GolGol.
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Ashe is not really much of a delinquent, but she gets lumped with them because of her personality - brash, outspoken, theatric, and with a continuous tendency to speak her mind and revolt against authority, Ashe is that character that will sign up for any plan, no matter how nonsensical as long as it sounds fun or extremely harebrained (or both, making her a natural ally for th protagonists), does not take any crap from anyone, and enjoys doing things with flair enough to enter a room twice because the atmosphere wasn't right the first time (which causes rather a lot of shenanigans). Still, she has a reputation for being good to any underlings she has, and so due to these traits she quickly ends up with something of her own fiercely loyal posse without really noticing.

Kagura, on the other end, is a teacher - and a figure of supernatural dread among the students of the high school. The hardened delinquents that posture in front of rival gangs suddenly wilt and whiten upon hearing the distinctive thud of her heavy boots approaching. She is always rendered is an exaggeratedly-hatched, hyper-serious style that clashes enormously with the rest of the scene, with an area around her dropping two notches in color at all points in a visible frame and the music suddenly changing to a scary chord whenever she appears on screen. Still, despite the fear, Japanese delinquents tend to have a sort of respect for someone who can put a student's head through the blackboard with one hand...