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Fire Emblem SRWU

Describe your characters if they were units in a Fire Emblem-like game!
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Kei is a dancer, bard or whatever the support class that can makes others move again is called in our hypothetical setting. She'll keep her job as the one managing everyone and making you get the most out of them, even there.

Alex is a light mage, her power comes from a divine source after all and it's not one focused on raw destructive power unless the user cheats by abusing knowledge of chemistry and physics to a great degree.
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Flit: would function almost like an bizarro-SaGa/Final Fantasy II character. His default stat growths would be mediocre, but he'd come with an ability that suddenly boosts his proficiency with whatever would be necessary for him to come out on top (if he gets hit by a bunch of ranged attacks, his own archery rating will increase in response. If he's having trouble hitting enemies, his accuracy will shoot up). Unfortunately, the stat and weapon skill boosts take too long to boost up everything, so minmaxing is for the best.

Mizuki: Dark Knight with a sword and dark magic. She boasts an exceptional vulnerability to Light based magic, but in turn gets a large damage boost to Light-attuned enemies. Similar to with the Falco/Pegasus Knights, if she, Ken, and Dido surround an enemy, it's a guaranteed critical hit. She upgrades to Dark Empress, which also grants her the ability to use spears.

Albhard: would naturally be a Fighter who strangely uses swords instead of axes. Upgrades to a Reaver, at which point he can use bows. Worth noting that if Selena were to fall on a map when he's present, his class permanently changes to Berserker.

Selena: Starts as a Thief, but can be upgraded to a Trickster. Like before, if Albhard dies her class will change to Berserker, though if her relationship value gets high enough with enough people she'll revert to her old class (but with all the level-up perks from her Berserker stint). At first just uses bows but once she becomes a Trickster she also can use swords.
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Sarah is one of those early game characters meant to make things easier until you get other strong units. She's a swordmaster type of person-not mounted, specializes in swords, etc. Sarah has a special thing where aside from very few endgame swords, she will break her weapon upon its first actual use. She's still a capable combatant with her bare hands, but her stat gains are terrible, she levels slowly, and she can't really improve her offensive power until the endgame. When she does get that sword, though...

Eva is some kind of Pegasus Knight person, who gets boosted critical rates later, and near the very end gets slight dark magic abilities. She's fast, always flying, and will backstab you from the sky. With a lance.
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Kagura is your Jeigan character. She starts pretty high level, and more or less bloody unhittable for the entire first part of the campaign - you could, if desired, just leave her in the midle of the map and wait for the enemy to break themselves on her. However, she gets very little experience per fight, even less than a character of her level should because of reasons, and so having Kagura get kills is generally speaking a waste of experience until lategame happens, when she can no longer just solo the map. Letting Kagura go at it alone is basically a huge trap.

Ashe is a weird thing with one of those unique classes that starts honestly rather weak but has terrifying growths, especially in speed and skill, and as her class progresses she gets skills (like in Awakening) that allow her to use practically every other weapon type when they're equipped. She's basically your Magikarp - she starts out pretty shitty, but nurture her correctly and by the time the endgame comes she can do practically anything you need her to.
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Yuuya would probably be a Mercenary to start and probably promote to a sword/bow paladin.

VG would be the thief/trickster path.

Tarisa would be a fighter/warrior but using blades instead of axes. Good power and skill but in a straightforward manner.

Stella would totally be an archer/sniper.

Yui would be a Jeigan-esque Swordmaster but like Kagura if you use her well without abusing her early she still adds a lot to the team.

Lamia would be an unusual character who starts looking like an archer but plot promotes to an assassin character instead of a sniper.

Meiya would be a surprisingly solid Myrmidon. She'd have the usual speed/skill growths but would also have a slightly higher than normal str/def and have slightly better than average growths there but at the cost of a truly unfortunate luck stat...