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Character sexuality

Shipping strikes again! And how do we ship if we don't know if the characters are compatible?

What is your characters' sexuality? Are they straight, gay, bi, something weird that tumblr came up with?
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Kei is straight. Which probably doesn't surprise anybody who's seen the show. Not really anything interesting to say there.

And I haven't decided on Alex' sexuality for when I app her. Probably won't until it becomes relevant.
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Flit: he has canon love interests. From least to greatest it's Emily, Yurin, and then murdering Vagans. So I guess you could say he's in love with his own carnage.

Selena: in spite of her outfit and occasional troll-tastic flirting, Selena's devoid of romantic interests. Not to say that her team isn't pretty much her family, or that Elma isn't the person she relies on the most. No real interest in giving her a romantic interest either.

Mizuki: in my heart of hearts I'll forever ship her with Willis. Once she's legally of age, of course. What can I say? I like maoyuu pairings.

Ana (when I app her): It wouldn't be a SRW RP unless Steam apps one gay woman. And with Ana being blonde, I've gotten all three primary colors. And... her love interests all had primary colors too. Funny.
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Asagi's somewhere between straight and bi, probably around 2 on the Kinsey scale. I mean, look at his reaction to Ace Izuru (elaboration requires spoilers).

Roger is straight and a Ryusei.

Heph's sexuality is spoilers for now. I don't just mean "a secret", I mean actual canon spoilers.
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Suma generally prefers men to women but has not diligently kept to that rule for the last four thousand years.
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Kagura is beyond your silly hormone-driven sexualities.
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Leos is straight for the most part, but probably isn't that romantically inclined due to things. Things may change depending on how things go. His true love though is suffering, just like Setsuko's is despair.

Optimus... Cybertronians actually have no concept of gender, the 'females' of his species are more akin to a different body type than an actual gender.

Raleigh. Canonically straight with love interest.

Volya. Sexuality undecided. He is however thirteen. At most things will be more or less crushes given how everyone else is older than him.

Peola. Her sexuality is pretty much on the fence. Though she does have less interest in men due to spoilers.

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Seta is actually straight.

However, other than being curious about certain acts now (thanks Izuru), she's actually pretty good at maintaining a distance from intimate and romantic matters so that she can do her job properly.

So at most, she will have good friends that she knows she can depend on, but never any crushes or lovers.
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Sarah HAS A SON, and still likes to mess with her ex, so I think that's fairly clear. Heterosexuality rules amongst the Arach cast, today!

The notable exception is Eva, who thinks that sex is something people use to get you to drop your guard so they can slit your throat.

Well, and Jen, but she doesn't like to talk about such sort of things. I don't know if she'd even show up, still, but her approach is more "If it's pretty..." She's a cyberpunk, and those need vices; hers is sex.