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Voice acting meme

Who do you picture as voicing your characters? For anime ones the answer is obvious, after all they have a VA assigned because, well, anime. But what about manga-only ones, or those from dialogue-less video games? Not to mention the OCs.

This post is about them.
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Hetepheres is Megumi Ogata.
get in the fucking robot No, I don't mean her Shinji voice, obviously. I mean her adult voice, like Ring Mao or Xion.
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Mamiko Noto for Seta.

She's voiced a number of quiet-and-socially-awkward characters (Satellizer El Bridget from Freezing, Ciel Alencon from God Eater 2, among others) and was the first VA that came to mind when I wrote Seta's testrun.
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Well Yuuya already has a JP voice actor but at this point and time if I had to pick an English one maybe Spike Spencer for the Shinji level meltdown he's been having off and on for his appearance in the RP thus far? :)

In all seriousness though I'm thinking Chris Patton for an American voice. I enjoyed his work even if he's stepped out of the dubbing scene for characters like Sousuke and Yushiro Gowa.
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Ai Orikasa for Mizuki. Sorta a heroic, noble version of Levi.

No clue who'd voice Sara, unfortunately. Maybe Romi Park?
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Any particular coincidence that Mizuki's VA also did Nya from Demonbane? Any fate twisting revelations to come down the pike?
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Purely coincidental!
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After all it's not like the mun in question has a bunch of-
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In all seriousness though, it's less anything specific to Nya and more just amusing how Ai's played or served as the Japanese dub VA for many a character I've found attractive.
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I had honestly forgotten that you had those accounts until you posted these. I just figured unless someone else apps Demonbane the void and Mizuki are probably going to be about the closest we're going to get to anything Lovecraftian.

Though honestly Metatron would be a neat role to take and really fits the theme if we re-fluffed her to have been a project by the Knights or a splinter group of the Sol organization...

That and Sandalphon would give targeting computers fits when he showed up to fight.

But honestly I need to stop coming up with more ideas to app into the RP because I'm probably up to half a dozen by now.
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Also, considering her Captain Ersatz status, it only makes sense if Ana would be voiced by Chihiro Tagaino.
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Three guesses on who voices Walt, and the first two doesn't count.