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The Getting To Know You Meme

So - since some characters in the game have history together, and others have ties through various organizations and shared interests, how about a meme for establishing how our characters know each other? Post below and identify how your character might be known, and others can reply and suggest how their characters fit yours!

Remember, there's being well-known, and there's knowing someone well! Maybe your character is famous somehow, but their public image doesn't necessarily reflect their real personality. Other characters may think they know a lot about yours, but that knowledge may not be reliable!

1: First glance - if someone meets your character for the first time, without a special introduction, what impression do you make? What age does your character appear to be - a whippersnapper, or an old fart? Are you a disciplined soldier or a maverick loose cannon? Are there places others are more likely to run in to your character, or to associate them with? Is your face or name perhaps well-known, so that people will have heard of you before they meet you? Think of this as a general-purpose reference for people who may be tagging you for the first time!

2: (It's like) We've met - your characters may not be close, but you've had enough contact with each other or run in the same circles enough to have a lot of common points of reference. What connections does your character have in the world that may tie them to others in the game? Factional affiliations, organizational loyalties, notable achievements? Have you been on the news or featured in intelligence reports?

3: We've got history - your characters have had dealings in the past, probably significant ones. What kind of events in your life might other PCs have played an important part in? Are you from the same hometown? Did you fight in the same war? Did one of you take a bullet for the other? Kill the other's boyfriend? Do you both have the same archenemy?
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Hayato Jin

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1: Hayato is about twenty. He's physically imposing and more than a little creepy. He generally looks like he could seriously most people he meets and would quite happily do so with little provocation. He's actually semi-recognizable for some out-of-date stuff, for the general public, and well-known for some recent stuff, among more restricted circles.

2: Hayato got some media exposure at a young age for his ridiculously high tested intelligence, and was a gymnastics star in middle school. Your character may have heard his name then! More recently, you're unlikely to have heard anything unless you're in a position to be briefed on security threats, because Hayato dropped off the grid and has masterminded several terrorist actions from the shadows. If you'd know about such things, you may associate his name with multiple bombings, assassinations, and thefts of classified information. If you wouldn't, you may know someone who went to his university and mentioned some of the scary stuff going on with more radical elements on campus!

Hayato may also have applied to or been considered for recruitment by organizations your character has ties to. If he wanted to join them, he probably proved too crazy or evil for them. If they wanted to hire him, they were probably too obviously evil and likely to get him killed for him to accept.

3: Hayato's kind of been slumming it until encountering Getter Robo, so he has no grand adventures yet. However, he's been involved in quite a few deaths and destructive acts, so it's possible you've been affected by one of them. Did you know one of his (now dead) henchmen? Was someone you know caught up in one of his attacks?
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Kaname Chidori

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1: Kaname Chidori is your average, normal, everyday high school student -- and she certainly looks the part. On school days, it's not abnormal to see her racing off to school wearing her Jindai High School uniform or doing her homework in one of the Sakihama Base common areas. She seems pretty calm, at least until she opens her mouth; anyone stationed at Sakihama has probably caught Kaname giving Sousuke an earful at one time or another.

2: Being a perfectly normal, everyday high school student, it's unlikely that most heard of Kaname Chidori -- at least until a routine class trip to Okinawa turned hostage situation. Those present at the mission probably know of Kaname's momentary technobabble tripout, and those who didn't may have heard it through the grapevines. In any case, it does seem pretty abnormal for a high school girl to be stationed at a military base primarily occupied by giant robot pilots and associated personnel.

3: Kaname spent most of her childhood in Japan -- until her father took a job with the ESUN as its Environmental High Commissioner. Abruptly and unceremoniously, she and her family were uprooted and moved to New York. When Kaname's mother was diagnosed with cancer, it was back to Japan with them again -- though Kaname remained there after her father and younger sister moved back to New York after her mother's death.

It's possible that Kaname would know you went to school with her -- be it in New York, or in Japan. Likewise, anyone with medical know-how working in hospitals in Japan might know Kaname from her frequent visits with her mother during her hospitalization. If you have an idea, let me know; we'll make it happen.

Those intimately familiar with politics may have heard of the surname Chidori, but you'd have to be really involved; most people can't name UN representatives, for example.
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1: Suma is large, imposing, and missing one eye. Age is difficult to discern, but maybe late twenties. Owns a medieval claymore. She's a drifter who uses a lot of aliases, so it's unlikely you'd have heard of her. Spends a lost of time slumming in the gym or lurking in odd corners of the bases at odd hours of the day or night. Doesn't seem to sleep very much.

2: She spent a fair chunk of the last couple decades running with various mercenary groups, often taking less than savory jobs. Ruthless warrior with a different backstory for every group, usually leaving after a year at the most.

3: To summarize: Suma was born in 1844 BC, and is an immortal war god, given her powers by an evil pharaoh. So long as she continues to seek out battle, nothing BUT battle can kill her. Her tenacity and prowess have kept her alive for millenia, which she has spent hunting down and eliminating the other 98 war gods one by one. Six remain, counting herself. Sometimes she tells the full story to people on a whim.
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1: Kei is a tall, rather lanky teenage girl with a rather serious attitude that at times turns into being irritable at her teammates or sulky when treated as a kid. Other than training and missions she spends most of her time in her room, in Asagi's room with the other Rabbits or baking. Sometimes she might also be seen doing moral boosting events with civilians, something she seems to not enjoy.

2: Following the battle at Nora Colony, Kei and the other Rabbits became celebrities to a degree, revealing that they were from some military program called the MJP program. Those really in the know can tell that it's about creating genetically engineered people for space exploration, but turned to military ends when the Wulgaru attacked.

She also has a major sweet tooth, to the point that the cakes she bakes are inedible to most people. Despite how their interactions might seem at times, she clearly cares for her teammates more than anybody else.

3: As a student of secret military program, you probably don't know anything in further detail unless you were a student or teacher of it. At the academy, Kei and the other Rabbits were called the Fail Five due to a dismal record in training exercises. The performance hadn't improved before they were suddenly given their AHSMBs and sent to Nora Colony.

The students of the MJP program are clones raised in foster care until they reached the age to go to the academy. At their entrance to it their memories were wiped to avoid former attachments making them unhappy or distracting them from their education.
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Katina Tarask

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1. Katina is a muscular woman in her mid-20s, with messy shoulder-length blonde hair. She's usually in actual military dress, whether a uniform, fatigues, or a pilot suit, and often drinking something (alcohol vs. caffeine content varying based on whether she's on duty or not). Her most striking feature visually is her heterochromatic eyes, but her most memorable trait in general is her extremely fast temper. She's probably best known as being "that really angry pilot" unless you happen to always catch her when things are going her way.

2. On the social connections front, Katina very consciously avoids networking too much with the higher ranks or influential people. Her ambition is all directed laterally, toward being her best as a pilot, so she tends to socialize mostly with fellow career grunts. She does, however, like to show off when it comes to things she loves, namely fighting in robots and bossing around junior pilots. She's got a small reputation from her involvement in the DC War and general achievements in no-one-could-survive-that piloting and drill sergeant tendencies when riled.

3. Katina is honestly pretty boring other than being a good pilot and getting a big career break by half-accidentally hooking up with half of what would become the Steel Dragons. She fought in the DC War and was reasonably prominent in flight school, mostly through loudly touting her achievements rather than being more skilled than anyone else, so people might easily know her from either of those.
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1: Njall looks to be maybe late 20s or early 30s. He's a bit on the short side (5'7"), but very powerfully built. Despite the icons, he does NOT wear a tunic or carry a sword most of the time, favoring modern clothes. He can be found doing random oddjobs around the UG facilities or just sort of mindlessly staring off into space. His face is not recognizable from the media or anything like that.

2: Njall has been relatively inactive for the last few decades, but even so there are still legends all over the Earth Sphere of a stone giant that fights along side mechs. Before the latest mission (The Knight), there wasn't really much to connect him to that story. After tonight, it's entirely possible.

3: He's been around since roughly 1000AD (He doesn't remember his exact birthday). He generally tries to deflect questions about his past, but if you were particularly persistent in researching his history or just in bugging him, you could probably figure out at least a vague shape of his story.

If you REALLY dig, you might figure out that there's another immortal like Njall that he keeps fighting over and over again over the centuries.
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Leos Klein

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1: Leos is a cheery, optimistic goofball who looks younger than he is. One can often see him offering pudding to people under the context of 'Friendship Pudding' and is all in all a nice guy. If you tune into the broadcasts from the Raven's Nest you'll know he's a rookie in the Arena.

2: Leos' Parents weren't famous per se, but they weren't all that unknown. Leos' Father may have written a few headlines and his mother was a robotics scientist. They are of course dead. Most of their recent work seem to also have disappeared. If you are into machinery or follow news closely you may have known one or the other.

Additionally Leos is also known to be unstable, absolutely giving into a sort of berserker frenzy around people who are known to cause civilian casualties without a thought. Also hates Nineball and makes no secret of his desire to brutally murder the arena champ for ruining his life.

3: Highly unlikely. Almost everyone in Leos' hometown was slaughtered in a conflict between the corporations: Murakumo Millenium and Chrome.
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Volya Alkaev

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1) Russian kid, thirteen years of age. Snarks a little at times but is generally nice, has immense trouble reading Japanese or English but can speak both fine. Looks tremendously underwhelming. Likes plants and probably would try to maintain a garden somewhere.

2) Has been slapped with the label of 'Potential Apocalypse' by a group called the Knights of the Guiding hand - a group who work from the shadows to assist heroes in defeating powerful threats. Is on base for his own safety. He also has a giant plant monster by the name of Interitus. It is surprisingly docile and rather playful despite its appearance. Mechanics may wish to secure their tools unless they want to play keep away with it or unintentionally play fetch.

3) Any time Volya didn't spend essentially being below average in school was either spent taking care of his garden or working in the store his uncle owned. Generally tended to keep to himself in school due to his less than stellar physical performance and interests.

Volya's uncle was a former OMON Operative - OMON being the Russian Equivalent of SWAT. Its possible if you were in Russia in the past you may have encountered his uncle on the job or may even share mutual contacts with the man and know him by second hand info.

Volya lived with his uncle due to his father dying from a disease, and his mother dying from an experimental treatment. Volya himself undergone that same treatment but survived.
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1) Ken's seventeen, if somewhat better built than most his age, but you could probably figure it out from the uniform that makes up like, at least a third of his wardrobe. He's a bit... weird, by most accounts, doing stuff like trying to grab food out of the vending machine, scouting out ventilation systems, or sometimes using weird chemicals left to him. The thing is, he's not only a ninja (heir and in training), but until joining the UG, a homeless one. He's had to fend for himself after his parents seemingly abandoned him, and he's had to compensate. Which also makes social interaction sometimes rough, leading to things like...

2) Him starting a fight with Yuuya, which might be how some hear of him now. If not that, then they might know him for his connections to Solaris, both his present one as a 'valued test pilot' (read: unpaid intern), but also that he's the son of two previous members. Whilst he never saw Solaris growing up, many of the people involved and associated were there for his birth.

3) Ken hasn't done so much in his life to encounter people - unless you went to school with him, or encountered him as he wandered the country - but you might have seen his parents in action. Tora and Ryuko were the pilots of Sol Shinobi and Sol Kunoichi respectively, fighting roughly seventeen years ago in broad secrecy (hard to cover up giant robot battles after all) against the Ebon Corsairs, basically evil, sun hating pirates from another dimension.
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Seta Albreich

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I guess this can make up for having her entire app locked to the mod crew, so here goes.

1: Seta is twenty years old. Despite being a combatant, her build isn't impressive at all (lacking in appeal, on top of that), and it's not impossible to mistake her for a pretty young man. Very prone to all sorts of accidents and injuries when she's not in a battle, and tends to shy away from social interaction.

She has an obvious fear of people that she's trying to keep under control while she's working with the UG. That said, if you've seen her video broadcast before meeting her, it's not hard to get the impression that she's the formal and serious type of individual.

2: Hardly anyone outside her own canon would know of Seta herself before the events of The Knight, and even there, her best feat was summoning giant disembodied limbs - these are parts of her mecha which she can't summon completely. On the other hand, she is a member of the Gloster Foundation - a shadowy organization that has actually done a pretty good job at staying off the radar for the most part. The nature of the enemy that they exist to fight was veiled in secrecy as well, until recently when Seta joined the UG.

It's known among conspiracy junkies, TV programs (like Ancient Aliens), and related blog circles that the Foundation has a small number of active personnel, or agents, that work in the field. Veterans may have encountered one of these agents personally, but such an occurrence is extremely rare. One thing they have in common is that they are always seen alone, though never in battle against whatever it is they're supposed to be fighting.

Other than their invisible combat efforts, the Foundation does occasionally provide honest assistance with rescue and disaster relief, which was ironically where they gained some unwanted attention by fleeing from media interviews.

3: Very unlikely. Seta was raised in the confines of the Gloster Foundation's HQ: a manor in the middle of a vast private estate situated somewhere in ESUN controlled Europe. Those who know of the organization may also know that this place is like a non-government owned Area 51 - it is heavily guarded, and very few are allowed to enter its premises.
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1: Yuuya is 20 and of obvious mixed Asian descent. He is usually fairly level and disciplined but at times seems uncomfortable in his own skin and will get defensive and upset if his Japanese connection is brought up. He's confident about his skills and will be boastful about them in the proper situations but currently the new unit he is learning has rendered that a sore point as well. He has only seen one combat sortie by this point but mental conditioning and advanced simulator training have made his lack of combat experience a minor issue in the long run.

The Argos Flight range from Tarisa who is the closest to Yuuya's age to Stella who is in her late 20's just shy of 30. They are all vets of anti-BETA campaigns through Europe and Asia each with their own losses and scars but have had time to cope. Tarisa is a rambunctious sort who laughs loudly and often and butts heads with VG's friendly teasing. Vincent is an even keeled mechanic who knows Yuuya better than anyone else and helps to cover for him where he can. VG's a bit of a goof-off Italian playboy who's quick with a joke and is almost disturbingly like Willis in his appreciation of women. Stella is the oldest and tends to be rather motherly towards others who she sees that have issues but can also be very hard on someone who seems to be attacking someone in her "care".

2: Yuuya did a stint in the regular US TSF corps but went to test pilot status pretty quickly. He's worked with a few other groups on tests but his time has mostly been with the US test groups. Potentially of note is the output statement of the Groom Lake accident he was involved in where a landslide during a test flight killed another pilot.

The rest of the Argos Flight were front line TSF troops until they were brought up into the test flight operations with their nation's and UN development teams.

3: Yuuya grew up in a rather insulated community in the western US and left home early for the US military. He was mostly alone growing up as "that Japanese kid" so it's unlikely anyone met him before and it's painful enough he's not inclined to share unless he's trying to use it as a weapon to prove a point or hurt someone else.

The rest of the flight were involved with TSF combat vs. BETA for years before moving to test flight status. Most are relatively inexperienced with anti-TSF or suit battle tactics outside of simulation battles and basic training that was provided.