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Cross Canon Ridiculousness

Hey folks, Jockey here with a realization I just have to share.

You see there is a character in Transformers by the name of Swindle.

^ This guy.

A Decepticon but more to the point, an Arms Dealer with no scruples whatsoever and will sell to any being except for the Autobots so long as they have something worthwhile to pay with (technology, fuel, etc.).

Given how many factions are going to be thrown throughout the game, an arms dealer who sells exotic alien weaponry would probably get a glance or two.

This post here is more than a Permissions post, but also a post to suggest what kind of crazy weapons might end up in the hands of whatever antagonistic or even ALLIED force that Swindle makes his deals with.

Given that he at one point managed to get a weapon that draws its power from the heart of a collapsed star, feel free to get a little crazy.

...Just don't go too overboard.
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Unicorn Gundam's Beam Magnum?
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I am thinking of a certain antagonistic (and mildly spoilery) group that could use untested weapons coming from an unknown source to use in their schemes.

Hint hint. Look which account I'm using.
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What if the Newtype Dolphins from Gundam X got access to the Flash System or other Newtype-oriented hardware?

Imagine the brutal pincer attack we'd have between them and the Cassowary Empire!
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You know there's always things like M90 machine guns or Shishioh blades to pick up that had to wind up somewhere after the DC war.

I also foresee an event where Sousuke finds out that his arms dealer contact isn't quite as human as he said he was, and I think the Full Monty Incident would be MUCH more hazardous to his health in the UG bases than a japanese high school...

He would have Willis and VG to draw fire as witless dupes in that scenario though.
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Does he have anything red?