Mar. 17th, 2014

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Presenting the test run meme for characters that want to get into SRWU. How does it actually work?

-Following is a list of prompts that your character can respond to. The prompts are described to some extent but there is intentional vagueness so you can fill in the details yourself. Make sure to describe those details in your response. Make sure to also include the number of the prompt you're responding to!

-After you post your response (a top-level entry), other players can respond to it with their own characters. This creates a thread where the two of you continue to interact with each other.

-There can be more than one response per a top-level entry, thus creating several independent threads that originate from one tag. Please don't interject into other peoples' threads that are already running without making sure they're fine with it first!

-There is no need to register or join any communities in order to respond to this meme. Just pick a character you want to use and post away.

-Participation is not obligatory for characters that want to get into SRWU. Participating can be helpful though because threads your character participates in can count for the app's "sample post" requirement.

List of prompts:

You just joined Unity Group and received accomodation at one of its bases. The question is, what will you do next? Look around for your room? Go to the hangar to make sure your mecha is alright? Say hello to other pilots who are already around? Greet everyone more officially through a disciplined military-like broadcast? Or perhaps something else altogether?

Using the Time-Space Extension Nexus... or teleporters, as many people unofficially but not inaccurately call it. You enter the Nexus room, there is a slight tingling sensation and just a second later, you leave at a different location - in another of Unity Group's base! Was it the first time for you to use this unusual, marvelous technology? Or are you already used to it?

Victory! Something good just happened, for you or for the group as a whole. A difficult mission was successful, a troublesome enemy defeated, perhaps the victory was political in nature, or maybe you received an upgrade for your machine. Either way, it's something to feel good about - so describe what it was and how you celebrate.

Bad times are upon us. A new powerful enemy emerged from somewhere, we faced a huge defeat, an ally has perished, or maybe it is something more personal in nature. Whatever it is (describe it as above), it can't be good... how do you cope with it?

It's time to fight! A battle is raging around you, and it is time to focus if you wish to win, no - if you want to live! But who are the enemies, what unit are you using, what is the current situation, and most importantly: what are you doing at this very moment?!

Not satisfied with the prompt selection? Why not write your own test run post over at [community profile] testrun_box!


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