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Your famoust last word.

Pretty self explaining.

Herb Montgomery's last words are "NEERRRDDS"
Elena Ivanov's last words are "f*** logiiiccc*
Walt Schmertz's last words are "i love you too ya nerd"
Grace Wallach's last words are "i knew i couldn't trust you..."
Baron Archibald von Whiskers's last words are "bro..."

Hayao Kakizaki's last words are "noooo....homooo..."
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Roy's last words are "WHYYY MEE"
Mizuki's last words are "i....ate...your muffin..."
Selena's last words are "i love you too ya nerd"
Hibiki's last words are "don't forget me..."
Flit's last words are ""i love you too""

Clearly Selena and Walt are the same person.
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Yes I had to use her full name. Shut up.

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Volya Alkaev's last words are "i....ate...your muffin..."
Leos Klein's last words are "I'M STILL FABULOSE NERD"
Peola Amalia Tsertemina Renata Nelfess's last words are "f*** lifeeee"
Skald Skogkattson's last words are "YOU DONG"
Optimus Prime's last words are "i knew i shouldn't love you.."
Grimlock's last words are rrly girly scream and rip
Calvin Eldred Edwards's last words are "i f***ing hate you nerds"

I think this thing is completely busted. Too much nerds and Optimus' last words aren't 'Till all are one'. Also Grimlock would Roar. Not Girly Scream.

Also ALSO. It'd be more hilarious if Skald said 'you DOG'
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And now for the UG@ bunch

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Madeline Caine's last words are "f*** you too <3"
Ryou Kimura's last words are "you'll regret this..."
Patrick Colasour's last words are you couldnt even say your last words
Michael Wilson Jr's last words are "i knew i shouldn't love you.."
Doctor West's last words are sips starbucks and dies
Cora Anderson's last words are "WHYYY MEE"
Vlaska's last words are "BLOOD TAAASTE WEIRD"
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Hitachi Izuru's last words are "i just wanted to watch my anime ;-;"
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Dido's last words are "bye falesha!" Huh

In the dark Universe where the Kaidanovskys get drowned and crushed by Leatherback, Sasha's last words to her husband are: "I knew I shouldn't love you..."


Matthew Helmar's last words are the same as Izuru's.

Isaac Sinclair's last words...have already been recorded.