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Just like how it happened for UG@ years back, and even longer ago for UG1 - now it's SRWU's time to have its huge list of canons, characters and so on listed.

Serve us one last time, 4komas!

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Canons completed: 32 (12 normal, 20 OCs)
Canons dropped: 16 (10 normal, 6 OCs)
Canons without a clear end: 4 (2 normal, 2 OCs)
Canons total: 52 (24 normal, 28 OCs)

Above doesn't count SRWU metaplot canons.

Events from completed canons: 261 (103 normal, 130 OCs, 28 SRWU metaplot)
Events from discontinued canons: 30 (23 normal, 7 OCs)
Events total: 291 (126 normal, 137 OCs, 28 SRWU)

The "zeroth" test mission isn't counted.

Average length of a finished canon: 7.3 missions (finished canons only)

Total characters: 78 (42 normal, 36 OCs)

Top aces by mission deployment. The "zeroth" test mission isn't counted, but other non-canon events are.

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The full, updated mission list is available under the mission logs section of the game and setting information.
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Another "put name in, get some result" thing, this time for Fate/whatever servants.

Results )
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In this post and its tags, characters act as they would in the MIRROR UNIVERSE, where left is right and everyone's personality's done a 180 bootleg turn right into SHADOWVILLE. Shy people are outgoing, nice people are jerks, etc.
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Pretty self explaining.

Herb Montgomery's last words are "NEERRRDDS"
Elena Ivanov's last words are "f*** logiiiccc*
Walt Schmertz's last words are "i love you too ya nerd"
Grace Wallach's last words are "i knew i couldn't trust you..."
Baron Archibald von Whiskers's last words are "bro..."

Hayao Kakizaki's last words are "noooo....homooo..."
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Let's pretend this is halloween, since I can't wait for another two months, and most likely by that time I'd have forgotten about this anyway.

If SRWU characters gathers in one mysterious mansion, what's the sequence of death? Who would die first, and who's the final survivor? And who's the mysterious killer? What's everyone's doing before their death anyway? What's their role?

For example, Eva is too obvious to be the killer. People would think that she's the murderer, until she surprisingly die at the middle of the story.

Except... if it's actually her after all, and she's just pretending. What a tweest!

Anyway, give your thought.
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Completely unrelated to the post below me, I'm also currently LPing a game, a light strategy game called Sid Meier's Ace Patrol.

And it's much more related to SRWU compared to the post below me shut up.

Anyway, if you're interested in World War 1 fighter planes, cats that pretend they are human, angry giant fairy, and humanoid plants, check the first episode.

Let's Play

Aug. 27th, 2015 10:49 pm
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So, I've been LPing a small game that's called Guild of Dungeoneering lately. You might want to check it out if you like Tengu-brand humour. It has people from SRWU in it!

Here's the first episode, and currently I'm up to the third episode. Expect around 40 more, unless I drop the game in the meantime for one reason or another.

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A simple question-if your character was a Magic The Gathering card, what sort of color would they be? What kinds of abilities might they have?

For people not super-familiar with the game, here's an explanation.

No color, Colorless-These cards have no particular association with any color. It's the realm of robots, tools, and hockeypucks. The pacifistic golem Karn is an example of a colorless protagonist, while the evil mastermind Mnemarch is a colorless antagonist.

White-The color of loyalty, honor, and discipline, but also of tyranny and oppression. The color of collectivism and order, white is home to the most disciplined soldiers, strong healing/damage prevention abilities, and various forms of soft control. Famous white creature types include Human Soldiers and Angels. White is not necessarily good, or nice! While there are many white heroes, it's also home to the mad dictator Takeshi Konda.

Blue-The color of wizards doing wizardy things, more or less. Blue is about intelligence, knowledge and out thinking your opponent, with some of the worst creatures of the game, but spells that mess with your opponent's ability to play the game. Famous blue creature types are Merfolk, Moonfolk, and Wizards, though Blue's really known for its draw-inducing cards and its counterspells. Teferi the time wizard is an example of a blue protagonist, while whoever made this thing is an example of a blue antagonist.

Black-The color of selfishness and ambition, black's-okay, let's face it, they're usually the bad guys. Black is all about power at a price, and offers very strong effects at the cost of something dear to you (life, cards, creatures). It has good discard spells and debuff abilities, and is home to Demons, Zombies, and your crazy Uncle Istvan. There are too many black bad guys to count, but they also have heroic bandit Toshiro Umezawa and Romance of the Three Kingdom's Cao Cao on their side.

Red-The color of passion and rage, Red is maybe not so good at this whole "thinking" thing, but is very good at going fast and punching hard. It is a color of wild, unbridled emotion and "charge in first, think second". Red's signature ability lets its creatures attack the turn they are summoned, and it prefers to play a very fast game attacking while the other side is still warming up. Classic red creatures are goblins, dragons, and barbarians.

Green-The color of instinct, nature, and growth. Survival of the fittest and harmony with nature are Green themes. Green is the best color at "getting huge", and has some good healing abilities as well. Green boasts the best "mana acceleration" of the colors-it is the best at getting big cards out fast. Famous Green creature types are Elves and Bears, though it's also home to the largest monsters. Green protagonists include, well, elves, while green antagonists would include godzilla-scale kaiju.

There are additionally two-color and three-color combinations, which can get a little bit complicated, and the extremely rare four-color cards. Five-color cards are also rare, but have a theme more or less of "winning".
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Essentially a thing I plan on doing as a post for Peola soon is a betting pool on any potential relationship she may have in the future that may or may not have been started by her co-workers in UG Security before spiralling out into a betting pool that people in other divisions have gotten in on.

That isn't to say she isn't the only person with a betting pool for that sort of thing though. (Admittedly it would be very rude of me to start one for a character who doesn't belong to me, so I'll leave that to others.]

In any case this is essentially a permissions post as well as a place for you to toss a suggestion for characters to include in this as well as their odds.

And as for why I'm using West's account for this... I just felt like it okay?

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The Hunger Games simulator thing on /m/ amused me, so I decided to give it a whirl with the OCs from the game.  24 people, but we were short on male OCs so Loni and Desta were brought on.

So may the odds be ever in their favor!

I'm not sure if the end-result was somehow rigged )

Muncest CR

Jan. 19th, 2015 09:15 pm
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This post is less dirty than it sounds.

We know what kind of relationship characters between various players have, since they interact. But characters that belong to one player are never seen tagging each other (for obvious reasons), so there is no way for us to know how they feel about each other.

This is what the meme is for. What is your characters' offscreen relationship? Do they even know each other that well? Share the secrets, my preciousss.
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Gah, I'm obsessed with the generator now.

I made some more things.

Gunpla generator, and

Gunpla Tournament generator!

Here's a generated gunpla

The gunpla is named Lightning Zeong K9. It is super deformed and transformable. It's mostly white and blue. It has cool head and weird in its simplicity. It's made for melee fights, using mainly its stealthiness. It has a number of disposable funnel.

and here's the tournament!

In the quarter final you fight the tryhard obsessed teen who uses a very customized Gyan Cannon. You almost didn't win. In the semi final you fight the cute cool kid who uses a very colorful Sazabi Sniper. After a interesting battle you ridiculously win. You only managed to win because of your spirit. And at last, you fight your esteemed enemy at the final, the simple minded annoying adult. She uses a not very well built Gerbera Tetra Imagine. You take a deep breath and remember, luck and your training are the only thing that can help you now. The fight is funny and long but at the end it sadly end in a draw for you
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Hey guys, look at what I made.

Let's see what my next OC is about.

Project Escabeth . You are a heroic soldier living diligently in a gritty desert kingdom. You are a drifter. Your place is sometimes attacked by criminals. You always openly protect your place with your mecha. It is mass produced organic humongous mecha. It's very durable but slowly turns you insane. It fights mostly in space. Your mecha comes from the resistance. You travel all over the world, because you want to destroy the enemy. In your adventures, you meet your best friend, and you also meet your friendly enemy, the Gold Knight. You have a lot of silly adventures alone. It ends when a bunch of annoying kids wonder why you keep on fighting. You move on, and finally fight your rival for the last time. You sadly kill your rival. At the end you find out that the sunset is really beautiful. Still, finally you arrive at the mindscrewy final battle. You fight against a single gigantic enemy. You gloriously win. At last you achieve your goal and you live happily ever after..


Jan. 4th, 2015 02:00 pm
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Hey guys! Remember this?

I sure do!

Optimus Prime is 50% Waifu Material.
Leos Klein is 3% Waifu Material.
Raleigh Beckett is Not Waifu material.
Volya Alkaev is 10000000% Waifu Material.
Interitus is 10000000% Waifu Material.
Skald Skogkattson is 6% Waifu Material.
Peola Nelfess is 6% Waifu Material.
Calvin Eldred Edwards is 100% Waifu Material.

And also....
Lilica is You are already a Waifu.
Ourania Nelfess is 1% Waifu Material.
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Guess who gets to be in a new fighting game!


She'll be going up against a book-loli, a robot spider, an eldritch horror loli, a vampire-hunter loli, popular moscot character Super Sonico, a kung-fu loli, and Fate/Zero's Saber*, from Fate/Zero. Support characters include an angel with a gun, a girl with a gun, a witch with a broom, a papa-con book-loli, a yandere with a bat, some random lady from Hello World, and a necromancer loli with a sword. Also, a D.R.A.G.O.N.**


So, in the event that they got a fighting game adaptation-how would your characters handle? What sort of playstyle would they favor, and what would be their super moves?

*as seen in Fate/Zero
**This post does not support the D.R.A.G.O.N agenda. Kill 'em all, for the glory of the light of Mana!

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It's been a month without a 4koma post.

What is a journal RP without this quiz?

What kind of animal are you?

Here are my results.

Walt is a mole. Well, what else he could be?

Kakizaki is a Warthog. I guess he even kinda looks like one.

Dorothy is a... badger? Huh.

I wonder what Archie is.

By the way, I think the "size" is the most confusing variable. I mean, size is relative! But it affects the final answer a lot. So you could change the size and keep the rest of the answers the same, if you want to.

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A few days late for this, but hopefully still worth it.

The name of the game: what would your characters dress as for Halloween?   Would it be something silly?  Reference stuff from UG1 or UG@?  Something strangely appropriate?  Or would you entirely sit out on it?
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SRWU in the vein of Cromartie High School.

Also an interesting question was brought up in regards to this.

Characters or Players?

Answer? Yes.

(Also I'm using West's account for this because this expression suits this best.)

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Describe your characters if they were units in a Fire Emblem-like game!
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It's time for: Someone Else Actually Makes A 4koma Post For Once - Derp Edition.

Today, it's to address our lack of a TVTropes page for SRW: Unification.

To explain this to our newer players, the previous game (Unlimited Generations Alpha) had a TVTropes page dedicated to the game in general, in addition to a list of Awesome and Funny moments, and a Characters page for Original Characters that were in the game. The mods have decided not to continue this with SRW:U because of some legitimate concerns with how the website operates, such as anyone being free to delete the entries.

Anyway! This post doesn't address the first three categories, but only the Characters section.

And as with UG@, this post is mainly for OCs, and semi-OCs - the latter in cases like Leos, who, in his original canon, is depicted as a faceless, voiceless player character. Established, canon characters are assumed to follow their original tropes, so there isn't much of a point in listing them.

So, which tropes describe your character best and why do you think so? Feel free to add as many as you'd like, but mind your spoilers (if you don't want them revealed) and please, try not to annoy others with YMMV stuff and usage of 'And how!'.

Have fun!

(By the way, this was posted with the Nep journal because I was a derp and didn't join the 4koma community with Seta's, hence the title.)

Small edit: Yes, I'm aware that traditionally, others are supposed to add tropes for your character - this is still an option, especially if you're trope-blind to them. But to make sure everyone is happy, that will not be a necessity.

In other words, you can make a comment to your own character's initial tag with your own list if you'd prefer that. If you don't know or missed something, others can do that for you. Hope that helps.

Oh, each person contributing to a character's list should also edit their tag instead of adding a fresh new tag if they missed anything. This keeps things clean.
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No generators this time, just write what's the spirit skill loadout your SRWU characters should have. This is obviously much easier for characters who were already in canon Super Robot Wars titles!

If you're not familiar, the full list of spirit skills is here, though some of those are very rare or virtually unused in newer SRWs. Still, knock yourself out by giving your characters weird or obscure skills if that's your desire.

Reminder that characters have 6 spirit skills (5 in some games), acquired in order as they gain new levels. So, what are yours?
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Shipping strikes again! And how do we ship if we don't know if the characters are compatible?

What is your characters' sexuality? Are they straight, gay, bi, something weird that tumblr came up with?
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Opening quiz, make sure to take with sound on.
Keyword + robot height quiz, a much easier and shorter one in my opinion - but kinda picky in accepting input, so if you knew a series but it didn't accept it for some reason, feel free to count it as +1 anyway.

What's your scores? Remember that you can Give Up to finish before time's up.

I got 84/102 on the first one and 48/50 on the second.
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Visit these pages, put your character's name in: - for skills - for seishin/spirit skills

Share your results. Knowledge of moonspeak or google translate NOT required!
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Who do you picture as voicing your characters? For anime ones the answer is obvious, after all they have a VA assigned because, well, anime. But what about manga-only ones, or those from dialogue-less video games? Not to mention the OCs.

This post is about them.
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So - since some characters in the game have history together, and others have ties through various organizations and shared interests, how about a meme for establishing how our characters know each other? Post below and identify how your character might be known, and others can reply and suggest how their characters fit yours!

Remember, there's being well-known, and there's knowing someone well! Maybe your character is famous somehow, but their public image doesn't necessarily reflect their real personality. Other characters may think they know a lot about yours, but that knowledge may not be reliable!

1: First glance - if someone meets your character for the first time, without a special introduction, what impression do you make? What age does your character appear to be - a whippersnapper, or an old fart? Are you a disciplined soldier or a maverick loose cannon? Are there places others are more likely to run in to your character, or to associate them with? Is your face or name perhaps well-known, so that people will have heard of you before they meet you? Think of this as a general-purpose reference for people who may be tagging you for the first time!

2: (It's like) We've met - your characters may not be close, but you've had enough contact with each other or run in the same circles enough to have a lot of common points of reference. What connections does your character have in the world that may tie them to others in the game? Factional affiliations, organizational loyalties, notable achievements? Have you been on the news or featured in intelligence reports?

3: We've got history - your characters have had dealings in the past, probably significant ones. What kind of events in your life might other PCs have played an important part in? Are you from the same hometown? Did you fight in the same war? Did one of you take a bullet for the other? Kill the other's boyfriend? Do you both have the same archenemy?
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So because apparently you can't spell Super Robot Wars without "shipping", try your favorite in-game ships with... Dr Love!

Use responsibly.
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Hey folks, Jockey here with a realization I just have to share.

You see there is a character in Transformers by the name of Swindle.

^ This guy.

A Decepticon but more to the point, an Arms Dealer with no scruples whatsoever and will sell to any being except for the Autobots so long as they have something worthwhile to pay with (technology, fuel, etc.).

Given how many factions are going to be thrown throughout the game, an arms dealer who sells exotic alien weaponry would probably get a glance or two.

This post here is more than a Permissions post, but also a post to suggest what kind of crazy weapons might end up in the hands of whatever antagonistic or even ALLIED force that Swindle makes his deals with.

Given that he at one point managed to get a weapon that draws its power from the heart of a collapsed star, feel free to get a little crazy.

...Just don't go too overboard.
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Presenting the test run meme for characters that want to get into SRWU. How does it actually work?

-Following is a list of prompts that your character can respond to. The prompts are described to some extent but there is intentional vagueness so you can fill in the details yourself. Make sure to describe those details in your response. Make sure to also include the number of the prompt you're responding to!

-After you post your response (a top-level entry), other players can respond to it with their own characters. This creates a thread where the two of you continue to interact with each other.

-There can be more than one response per a top-level entry, thus creating several independent threads that originate from one tag. Please don't interject into other peoples' threads that are already running without making sure they're fine with it first!

-There is no need to register or join any communities in order to respond to this meme. Just pick a character you want to use and post away.

-Participation is not obligatory for characters that want to get into SRWU. Participating can be helpful though because threads your character participates in can count for the app's "sample post" requirement.

List of prompts:

You just joined Unity Group and received accomodation at one of its bases. The question is, what will you do next? Look around for your room? Go to the hangar to make sure your mecha is alright? Say hello to other pilots who are already around? Greet everyone more officially through a disciplined military-like broadcast? Or perhaps something else altogether?

Using the Time-Space Extension Nexus... or teleporters, as many people unofficially but not inaccurately call it. You enter the Nexus room, there is a slight tingling sensation and just a second later, you leave at a different location - in another of Unity Group's base! Was it the first time for you to use this unusual, marvelous technology? Or are you already used to it?

Victory! Something good just happened, for you or for the group as a whole. A difficult mission was successful, a troublesome enemy defeated, perhaps the victory was political in nature, or maybe you received an upgrade for your machine. Either way, it's something to feel good about - so describe what it was and how you celebrate.

Bad times are upon us. A new powerful enemy emerged from somewhere, we faced a huge defeat, an ally has perished, or maybe it is something more personal in nature. Whatever it is (describe it as above), it can't be good... how do you cope with it?

It's time to fight! A battle is raging around you, and it is time to focus if you wish to win, no - if you want to live! But who are the enemies, what unit are you using, what is the current situation, and most importantly: what are you doing at this very moment?!

Not satisfied with the prompt selection? Why not write your own test run post over at [community profile] testrun_box!
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As of today, SRWU is accepting applications. More info here.

Also other posts to consider:

General questions - if you have any questions, ask them. This is especially true if the question is about the recruitment process for the game, or regarding canon acceptability.

We need base location suggestions - SRWU will have several bases for player characters. Give us suggestions for what they could be.
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UG@ is over, but Super Robot Wars Unification will start somewhere in the second half of April. This post is to help you plan, prepare and coordinate for it! What characters are you planning to app? Are you looking for canonmates? Post and discuss!
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Here they come. Get ready for a full list of canons, some stats and overall insanity. This post will be freaking HUGE!


List of canons and missions they had. The numbers in parantheses say which mission number was it. Also a list of characters for each canon, and how many deployments they had.

The asterisk (*) near the character's name means that there was more than one player who played this character. Each character also has a status - active (stayed in-game when it ended), dropped (before their canon ended), retired (dropped AFTER their canon ended, though they may have made some cameos later), killed (obvious) and other.

Read more... )

Canons completed: 64 (37 normal, 23 OCs, 4 UG@ canons)
Canons dropped: 51 (31 normal, 20 OCs)
Canons without events: 5 (4 normal, 1 OCs)
Canons total: 120 (72 normal, 44 OCs, 4 UG@ canons)

Events from completed canons: 348 (196 normal, 124 OCs, 28 UG@ canons)
Events from dropped canons: 105 (75 normal, 30 OCs)
Events total: 454 (272 normal, 154 OCs, 28 UG@ canons), includes 1 Neptunia mission

Average length of a finished canon: 5.4 missions (finished canons only)

Total characters: 213 (142 normal, 71 OCs)


Our top aces by mission deployment:

Read more... )

Text files you might be interested in:

UG@ all missions list, split into seasons roughly 25 missions each.

UG@ all characters' deployment list.

Deployment lists after each year's plot (Adventus, Inspectors, Kairos Aspida ends), includes only pilots with at least 1 deployment during that year's plot.
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Below is a list of all the brave heroes present during the Demonbane Army sequence. Help me expand it if I missed someone!

Pan-Taron in Super Panda-Z
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Ryouma and Hayato in Getter Emperor
Azrad in Aeon
General Hauswr in Grungust Type X Inferno
LED Mirage
Edgar in Mars Demonbane
Ken and Ryou in Mazinkaiser SKL
The original PbP Shifter Team
Optimus Prime
Shouko Hazama in Black Mark Sechs
Gai Shishioh in Genesic GaoGaiGar
Ryusei Date in Banpreios
Ruri Hadou
Tasuku in Giganscudo Duro (still has that terrible facial hair from UG1 epilogue)
Shinji in Eva 01 and Asuka in Eva 02
AU Luger in a Leo
AU Darren Caine in Ares Gear
Human Gregory
Percolatis Gregory
Yusuke Onodera (the Decade one) as Kamen Rider Kuuga
Sophia in Mu Thalan
Coop in Megas XLR
Fami Kamen Rider

In short, shit was awesome.
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Yes. That's right. I went there.

UG@ is now reimagined as a Build-Fighters esque series.

How have your characters changed? What would the canons 'series' which the models are from be like?
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How do the game's numbers look like at the moment, so close to the end? Let's find out! Everything counted after the result of the last activity check.

Number of characters per player:
5 characters: 2
4 characters: 1
3 characters: 5
2 characters: 7
1 character: 5

Total characters: 48
Total players: 20
Average characters per player: 2.4

Canon characters, real robots: 10
Canon characters, super robots: 10
Canon characters, SS-sized: 9
Canon characters, other: 1
Canon characters, total: 30

Original characters, real robots: 8
Original characters, super robots: 6
Original characters, SS-sized: 2
Original characters, other: 2
Original characters, total: 18

Male characters, canon: 20
Male characters, original: 11
Male characters, total: 31

Female characters, canon: 10
Female characters, original: 7
Female characters, total: 17

Character list by type under the cut )
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And the votes are in and tallied up! I will get started on the ones with the most votes, then see which of the ones with just one are worth tossing in with the set.

Right of Left (Seriously. You are all horrible people. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE PEOPLE!!!) - IIIII

In The Year 16AI - IIIII

Stars, Stripes & Nebulae - IIII

The Big C Part 2 - III

Hammer to Fall - III

Evolution's End - II

Triple Play - II

Parlais du France? Non! Une Araignee! - II

Despair - I

The Wind, Fire & Water Above Kamogawa - I


It's Safe Now - I

Mantra of Humility - I

The Greatest Plague - I

Triumvirate of Evil - I

Vendetta - I

Unyielding Hammer Of Earth - I

The Tarnished Factory - I

Door to the Beyond - I

Seperation ~ Assimilation - I
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That's right, I'll be making a series of posts in the tradition of Let's Play for various missions!

However I won't be doing all 200+ because that's just insane. Instead I play to do a 'Highlights Reel' of sorts.

In short, I want people to vote for the missions they want to see a "Let's Play" of. Everyone player gets 5 choices for the missions they want to see. Once a selection is hammered out, I'll get to work and proceed to writing. Once the set is completed I'll call for another vote.





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 Totally not stolen from futurama, it's the What-ifinator! Pose hypotheticals, and have other players respond to them with how it impacts their characters!

What if...your character never joined white chalice?

What if...Everything was an action shounen anime and not a mecha show?

What if...UG@ was a gothic horror story?

What if...your character was a character in a highschool comedy series?
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Thought I'd share some pictures of stuff that I took during the Con I was at recently.

For those of you who don't know: AFA is basically SEA's biggest animanga convention, and takes place once a year.

Although I didn't do any cosplaying (and never will), these images may be considered neckbeardy. So for those in the 'I'm not a hardcore nerd' group, turn away now.

hurrdurr )
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You know what time is it? It's Inane Quiz Time! We're not above this kind of things right? It's been a month without a 4koma post! And what is a journal rp without a "what kind of animal are you?" test? So there, what kind of animals are your characters?

I picked this test because, well, it's simple, got quite some results, and lacking in inane questions like "what is your favourite colors." And mostly because it's number one in google search, yeah, that's mostly it.

Here are my results:

Herb is a crocodile. And apparently a serial killer.

Elena is a mouse. A shy, submissive, knife wielding mouse.

Tron is a shrew. With an army.

Rock is a sheep. What a sheeple. But they say Clark Kent is a sheep! I'd like to think Rock is more of a dog though.

All in all, they're surprisingly fitting for my characters. Barnum effect at work!
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Same as last month, but with extra fields this time! Taken after September's activity check, current at the time of posting.

Number of characters per player:
6 characters: 2
4 characters: 4
3 characters: 2
2 characters: 7
1 character: 7

Total characters: 55
Total players: 22
Average characters per player: 2.5

Canon characters, real robots: 11
Canon characters, super robots: 10
Canon characters, SS-sized: 9
Canon characters, other: 1
Canon characters, total: 31

Original characters, real robots: 9
Original characters, super robots: 9
Original characters, SS-sized: 3
Original characters, other: 3
Original characters, total: 24

Male characters, canon: 24
Male characters, original: 13
Male characters, total: 37

Female characters, canon: 7
Female characters, original: 11
Female characters, total: 18

I put a list of characters by category after the cut, so people can tell me "my character is a super robot pilot, not a real one!" and so on.

da list )
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1: Comment with your character(s)
2: Other people respond with songs that fit the character(s), whether by themselves or with other characters.
3: That's it!
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How does the player/character list look at the moment? Let's find out! Numbers taken right after the August activity check.

Number of characters per player:
6 characters: 2
4 characters: 4
3 characters: 5
2 characters: 8
1 character: 5

Total characters: 64
Total players: 24
Average characters per player: 2.667

Canon characters, mecha: 28
Canon characters, SS-sized: 10
Canon characters, other: 2
Canon characters, total: 40

Original characters, mecha: 19
Original characters, SS-sized: 3
Original characters, other: 2
Original characters, total: 24

I put some extra notes in the first comment. I'd also make a super/real robot distinction, but it's getting too muddy for some mecha.
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I know they're both taken, and one of them is a computer program, but I just have to draw it, damnit!

Actually it's kinda late, I drew this because of this thread. I meant to draw it back then, but my graphic tablet was broken, and I just got a new one recently. Better late than nothing I guess. Nothing too fancy, since I almost literally haven't drawn anything for a whole year...

Picture )
As a bonus, have some pictures of elena I drew years ago.

(Shut up, I like Elena, alright?)

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What? An alignment meme? That's so lame. But wait, do you know that alignment axis isn't actually square but a cube? There's a third axis out there, and it's the Funky/Square axis. Read about it here.

To summarize:
Read more... )

So, with that knowledge in your head... Where is your character in the alignment grid?

Herb is obviously Chaotic Good Funky.

Epimetheus is Lawful Neutral Neutral/Square

Elena is hard... but I think she's Neutral Neutral Neutral? Man, she's hard to define.

Tron (or the Bonne Family) is Chaotic Neutral Funky.

Rock is Neutral Good Funky.

What about yours?

Edit: And while we're at it, let's post the alignments of our villains as well!
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Pacific Rim* just got released yesterday in (American) theaters!

There's also this promotional website** that allows people to assemble and paint a "Jaeger" mecha using various different parts, then place it in a Gunpla-style poster:

This sounded like an awesome opportunity for a 4koma art thread! If you feel like commemorating this recent addition to the proud annals of mech lore, make a poster of either:

1. Your own custom Jaeger***!

2. A Jaeger that your character(s) would pilot in an Alternate Universe™!

To start things off, here's my design for Finland's national Jaeger:

Read more... )

What would you build to fight the Kaiju?

*(For those who have seen the film, no spoilers.)

**(As a disclaimer, the website app needs a Unity Web Player plugin to work, and a Facebook account to save your designs.)

***(And Lionel, no puns about that one particular Battlemech, no matter how funny it would be.)
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So in most of the BT faction sourcebooks, there's a section detailing the various units of each faction. I thought it might be fun to ape this format for the various units we have in UG@ (IE the Dai Gurren Brigade, the Dullahan unit, etc.).

The format goes:

Name of Unit (Unit's Nickname, optional)
Size/Experience (green, regular, veteran or elite)/Loyalty (questionable, reliable or fanatical)
CO: [CO's name and rank]
Description of unit, such as personnel, history, tactics.

So for instance I might write:

Green Storm Resurrection Corps (The Death's Head)
Six Battalions/Veteran/Fanatical
CO: Head Surgeon Mechanic Chudleigh Pomeroy
Though most of its living members are civilian scientists or technicians, the Resurrection Corps remains one of the most feared Green Storm units for their usual weapon: Stalkers, operated by remote control. Feeling neither pain nor fear, Stalkers are even more willing to throw their lives away for the glory of Dear Departed Leader Stalker Fang than regular Storm soldiers. The Resurrection Corps maintains its own transport assets, using specialized airships over land and Stalker whales over water. Unsurprisingly, the Resurrection Corps favors swarming tactics and is unafraid to take casualties to accomplish a goal. After all, they can always be rebuilt later.
Not all members of the Resurrection Corps are assigned to the field, of course. Some are researchers at HQ, in Rogue's Roost. One of its rising stars, Surgeon-Mechanic Oenone Zero, the sister of deceased airship ace Eno Zero, is assigned to White Chalice to serve as a mobile researcher and ambassador for the Storm.

Let's see what you can do, UG@! You don't need to profile your own character's units or even ones from their own faction. Go nuts, nothing here is absolute canon. I ain't judging ya.
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Like it says on the tin, post apps here that are downright hilarious and so silly that no one in their right minds would accept.
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If someone by miracle made an actual UG@-inspired Super Robot Wars game, what attacks would units of your characters (or their UG@ incarnations in case of units that already appeared in SRW) have? I am not asking mechanically, but only what these attacks would be and more importantly, how they would look - what their attack animation would be like. Because as we all know, SRW is all about attack animations*.

* - it's not. But attack animations are always cool.

If you don't know SRW very much, here are some attack videos:
Amuro getting a bit repetetive in his anti-DAMON comments
Gamlin's Sturmvogel has two forms
Tekkaman Blade for SS-sized goodness
Gai and Genesic GaoGaiGar, completely overpowered

Further considerations:
-Units in SRW usually have 4 to 7 attacks. If you have much more, consider making a combo out of several of them and using that as a single attack. Of course if your unit has several forms/frames, each gets its own attacks.
-Dynamic kills! Some attacks play a different animation if they down the targetted enemy, usually by having the unit deliver a finishing hit and/or posing dramatically after the explosion. This is usually reserved for the strongest attacks, so feel free to note which ones have a dynamic kill animation and what is it like.
-MAP attacks! Some attacks have a wide area of effect and hit several targets at once. Usually this means an attack has two versions (a single-target one and a MAP one), but some MAP attacks are dedicated. Make sure to note which, if any, of your unit's attacks are MAP attacks.
-Combo/Double attacks! Whatever you name them, it's the same thing - one attack performed by two or more units, your unit and an ally, almost always from the same canon. These tend to be some of the most powerful attacks at your disposal, and often come with a dynamic kill. But only people who are real comrades in arms (or maybe something much more than that...) get them!
-We're not looking for exact numbers and mechanics since these vary from game to game, but you are very welcome to point out which attacks are standard-use, which ones are powerful but come with huge energy/ammo/will requirements, which ones use ammo and which ones use EN, short-ranged ones, long-ranged ones, if they debuff the enemy by reducing their ammo/accuracy/dodging/etc, and everything else you can think of.
-Note which attacks are post-movement and which are not. As the name suggests, post movement attacks can be performed after the unit moves, while all others require you to stand still. This is usually limited to long-range attacks because of their requirement for stable footing/longer aiming.
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This video is incredibly important for all of us.


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